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Designing Your Logo Using a Professional Logo Design Company

Logos provide your business with a wide range of functions. Foremost, your logo is a visual representation of your brand. It serves as a consistent identification for your products and services. The image of your brand is also embodied in a logo, which can be a symbol, name of your company or combination of text and graphics. Although your business logo is a company emblem, it fosters customer communication. Once you enter the marketplace, your logo, as the face of your company, begins to build relationships with customers.

The Relationship Effect of Logos

Recognition is essential for your business. Consumers constantly encounter logos. Whether on a local or global scale, you want your presence to be recognizable to your target audience. Recognition is when consumers learn to retain the images of logos that are associated with favorable businesses, products or services.

For example, in a food court, you scan your options. Perhaps you skim over a nondescript Mexican restaurant, but when your eyes land on Taco Bell and register its signature pink ringing bell, you recall its well-known Mexican-style fast food. If the first Mexican restaurant lacks a credible identity and is missing logo representation, you’re likely to choose Taco Bell.

Gaining Customer Loyalty

As your business gains marketplace recognition, the next step is to build a relationship with your customers and convert them into loyal customers. Think of your logo as your favorite sports team’s mascot.

For example, loyal Chicago Cubs fans may be emotionally attached to the circular blue, red and white team logo. To show team spirit and devotion, Cubs fans may collect paraphernalia or wear clothing that’s branded with the Cubs logo. Displaying or prominently wearing the Cubs logo also connects Cubs fans in the baseball community.

If loyal customers begin to build relationships with other loyal customers, then your brand awareness grows.

Your business is doing something right once you’ve achieved customer loyalty. Consumers commonly build a relationship with a particular brand and consistently choose that brand over competitors. Do you prefer Budweiser over Coors? Do you drink Coke instead of Pepsi? Your business logo maintains this relationship. When customers see your logo, they know what they’re getting. When customers see a competitor’s logo as their only option, they know what they’re missing.

Designing a Captivating Logo

Because a well-designed logo can turn your business into a marketplace leader, the design of your logo is essential. Begin by researching reputable graphic design firms or a high-quality logo design company. You can achieve a professional-looking business logo using either option.

Effective logos are:

  • Visually stimulating: Elicits customer response
  • Timeless: Have the capacity to stand the test of time
  • Unique and distinct: Shouldn’t resemble any other logo
  • Conceptual: Meaning should exist
  • Scalable: Can be clearly executed in any size or format

Consider these starting points as you approach your design:

  • What are prominent brands in your personal life and how do you perceive their logos?
  • Is your company’s history or tradition a vital aspect that you want to include?
  • Is there an image that is a solid representation of your products and services?